What is eCigarette Vapor Made Of?

Remember when it was normal to see and smell cigarette smoke indoors? You couldn’t walk into a bar or restaurant without being met with a thick cloud of foul smelling secondhand smoke that made your clothes and hair smell like an ashtray. Fortunately, most states have put smoke-free laws into place that prohibit tobacco smoking in public venues. While many cigarette smokers have simply taken their habits outside, others have taken the initiative to kick the habit with the help of eCigarettes.

With eCigarettes becoming more and more popular, the appearance of “smoke” puffs floating in the air at concerts, parties, and other public places has become commonplace once again. But, what exactly is the vapor produced by an eCigarette? Whether you’re new to the vaping lifestyle or have been an electronic cigarette user for years, many folks are unaware of what eCigarette vapor is actually made of. Here are the main ingredients that make up nearly all juices and cartridges, and what the vapor is composed of.

What are eCigarette juices made of?

Propylene Glycol: This FDA-approved compound is used in skin and personal care products, pharmaceutical goods, and as an additive in thousands of different food products.

Vegetable Glycerin: Vegetable Glycerin comes from vegetable plant oils, and is therefore a natural and safe component of many different types of eCigarette juices.

Nicotine: While not all eCigarette juices contain nicotine, many of them do. Found naturally in tobacco leaves, the nicotine in eCigarettes can be scaled up or down.

Flavoring: The variety of enticing flavors draws many individuals to the vaping lifestyle. Food-grade additives like rose oil, vanillin, Malic acid, and Linalool give particular juices their unique flavors.

What is eCigarette vapor made of?

Before we talk about what eCigarette vapor is made of, it’s helpful to understand how an eCigarette works. Basically, an eCigarette runs on a rechargeable battery that heats up a juice. The heat converts the liquid into a vapor that a user inhales. When you exhale, what appears to be a puff of white smoke is actually an odorless mist.

Though the vapor produced by an eCigarette may look like the smoke associated with traditional tobacco products, eCigarette vapor emits ten times less nicotine into the air. In fact, studies show that secondhand exposure to the nicotine found in eCigarette vapor is virtually nonexistent. What’s more, of the twenty VOCs measurable in cigarette smoke, only six are detectable in eCigarette vapor. The cherry on top is that eCigarette vapor disperses much more quickly than cigarette smoke, so the pesky haze that surrounds many smokers is a nonissue.

If you’re considering making the switch from traditional tobacco products to eCigarettes, rest assured that the vapor you exhale is far safer for both you and those around you. To get started, pick up an eCigarette starter kit in-store or online at thevapejungle.com.

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