Whether you’re new to eCigarettes, and vaping, or are an experienced hand,

you’re probably aware that there’s been huge growth in the electronic smoking
market in recent years. Some say vaping is the fastest growing lifestyle
phenomenon around.

For those new to the class, a battery-powered device vaporizes e-liquid, which
you inhale. E-liquids include nicotine, glycol, vegetable glycerin and some
flavorings. The vapor, which dissipates quickly, is frequently odorless.

Some cigarette smokers prefer vaping, since it doesn’t create a lingering odor,
like cigarettes. That makes e-Cigarettes ideal for some social situations. Others
have used vaping to quit cigarettes entirely.

If you’re just entering the vape zone, or are a long time explorer, the Vape Jungle
is for you. The Vape Jungle is run by Chuck and Candice Gott.

Chuck, who was a smoker for fifteen long years, eventually quit through vaping.
Glowing with victory, Chuck decided to share the art, and science, of vaping
through an online store, as well as a brick and mortar presence.

Chuck’s wife, Candice, is in charge of the lab. Always very diligent, she has a B.S.,
in research and laboratory science, from the University of Maryland, School of

Candice prefers to hang out in the lab and keep an eye on quality control. Chuck
is known for his vast knowledge of vaping equipment and science, and his
excellent customer service. Between the two of them, they’re a kind of dynamic
duo of Maryland vaping.

There are three secrets for happy vaping according to

1. High quality products

2. Handpicked and handcrafted e-juices

3. Excellent customer service

Their top notch products include: Starter Kits, Advanced Kits, Mods, Atomizers,
Coils, Drip Tips, jungle juice, Epic Strut, Cave Man Swagger Joose and other
handcrafted products.

Some believe the key to satisfying vaping is quality e-liquid or “juice.” Vape
Jungle’s juices are manufactured in the U.S., from approved USD products.

The Vape Jungle’s new storefront opens on July 19, 2014. If you’re in the area,
drop by and meet Chuck and Candice and the gang at Vape Jungle.
The goal of the store is to be cozy, natural and accepting of all vapers.

To get a vaping question answered, or to order your next product,
call (301) 645-5551 or go to

Don’t forget: The Jungle never sleeps!

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