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What is eCigarette Vapor Made Of?

by Kate Kasbee | September 26, 2014

Remember when it was normal to see and smell cigarette smoke indoors? You couldn’t walk into a bar or restaurant without being met with a thick cloud of foul smelling secondhand smoke that made your clothes and hair smell like …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Try eCigarettes

by Kate Kasbee | August 25, 2014

Whether you’re a smoker who is trying to quit or you’re a nonsmoker who is simply intrigued by the vaping lifestyle, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is surrounding eCigarettes. After all, the market has boomed over the past …

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Steeping e juice: What’s the Hype?

by candice | August 12, 2014

Steeping Juice:  What’s the hype? Steeping juice is just another method in the master plot to make amazingly divine, delicious, and extraordinary juices for the DIY’ers or the people who own shops such as Vape Jungle.  At Vape Jungle, our …

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