Welcome to the Jungle…

The Vape Jungle that is!

Welcome to Vape Jungle, a paradise for Vapers!  The Vape Jungle is a store owned and operated by Chuck Gott and his wife Candice.  The couple has taken strides to ensure that all your vaping needs are met with optimal customer satisfaction, high quality products, and the attentiveness that all the hard-working vapers deserve.  Chuck recently was the shop foreman of a Granite Company before stumbling across a new life passion.  A smoker of 15 years, Chuck was introduced to the vaping lifestyle and was successful in finally dropping the nasty habit.  After his triumph of beating big-name tobacco, Chuck decided he would like to share the art of vaping with other smokers who could potentially stop too.

Hence, Vape Jungle was born!  Chuck and Candice have intensively researched all the products carried in the store to guarantee there is something for everyone who shops at Vape Jungle.  Vape Jungle is also available to help or assist you in rebuilding your mod, or picking out a starter kit that will suit your needs if you are a newbie.  The Jungle Crew can also recommend juice, or help fix a potential problem you are experiencing with a product (even if you didn’t buy it from us!).  Chuck’s stellar customer service skills coupled with his knowledge of vaping apparatuses will certainly help grow or optimize your own vaping abilities, and maybe even help you kick the cigarette habit that has haunted other vapers at one time or another.

Overall, our store has been handcrafted to create a natural, cozy environment dipped in cultural acceptance for vapers.  Check us out and let Vape Jungle take your vaping experience to the next parallel!



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